A memory with a song – Just Be

How often does music make you think of something special? Today I did that while listening to some music. I heard a song called, “Brother” by The Organ. It took me back to a memory of a friend that I lost touch with… or, things didn’t end too well with. But this song took me back to a good time.

The good time was with a friend I just used to “chill” with? Ever have someone in your life that you can just chill with? Not talk, listen to music, relax – and it’s ok. Nothing is expected of you, except be there, chill, enjoy the environment.

Sometimes your friends expect too much. They want you to dazzle them, and make their life exciting. I’m the type of person that can just “be”. Just be – enjoy life around you. Take it in, and appreciate it.

Just Be.

Stay informed – love yourself & others

I came across a great blog today, and wanted to share bits of information. Check it out: Erinbromage.com

It’s important to stay “in the know” with facts, and from real life events; I read articles in the newspapers, but what I am really interested in are stories from people’s experiences. This is where we can learn the most. Today, I wanted to share a story from someone who are like so many people I have come across, “this isn’t real, I’ll be safe”.

The title says it all. It is ok to feel whatever you are feeling during this time. But do not wait until you have a personal story to tell to be safe, and to keep others safe around you. It’s ok to go outside, it’s ok to enjoy the day, and not be scared of the world itself.

It is sad though, that we have to be scared of people, and there thoughts and reactions to things. I have been reading articles of people turning violent because they were asked to wear a mask.

This is why I say, it is so important to keep yourself informed about facts (the best facts we can without experiencing). And spread the self love to others.

I guess we always have to be scared of people, right? Like driving. We have so many accidents, every day. If you have ever taken the defensive driver course, the whole course is about being prepared for what other driver’s may do, and what you can do to be as safe as possible.

Enjoy your life! Help other’s to enjoy theirs. We can all get through this, and we can all be love spreaders in our very own ways. Make someone smile today. You’ll see, it makes you feel great.

Crash Boat beach, PR; one of my favorite things to do – let my feet sink in ☺️

I apologize for taking so long; Sometimes we get lost

I haven’t felt like writing here until today. I’ve been away in my mind, sulking I guess. Getting caught up with nothing important. Nothing as important as putting my thoughts here, in a world where people don’t judge – all they do is read, and listen through your words, which is an amazing feeling. Today Happened.

I took this in Arecibo, PR in October 2018

Today was a really good day; so good that it reminded me to be happy.

It reminded me to be happy.

Sometimes you need that in life. Otherwise, you can get so caught up in messes, stupidity, that just aren’t worth your time.

Writing here, makes me happy. And I forgot that. It helps me to get away in a different way. Like a little mini vacation, in my thoughts, and feelings. And remembering that you are positive, that you are good, and that you mean something – this is something to cherish.

Don’t take it for granted. Believe in yourself. Keep pushing for good. Keep pushing for whatever success looks like to you. Don’t take shit. But don’t be mean. Learn how to work toward common goals.

Thank you for reading. It was an awesome day!

A funny memory of music

You have to wake up to something that makes you happy. For me, it’s music. Music calms me, no matter what kind of music it is. This morning, I woke up pretty late because I couldn’t sleep. It was like 4 a.m.

It’s now 12:40pm, woke up around an hour ago, ate breakfast, and got my little speaker so that I could listen to music in the kitchen. I started listening to old reggaeton songs, and it got me thinking of some 27 years back when they first came out with this music in Puerto Rico.

I remember being in the car with my father, and we were driving to some part of the island, and I asked him to put on my cassette. The artists were Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, and Tego Calderon.

Boy! He got so angry, he stopped right on the highway, took the tape out, and broke it. I didn’t understand why he was so mad 😂🤣

He asks me , “do you know what they’re saying?” Yes Daddy, I know what they’re saying. That was the wrong question. He needed to ask me, “do you understand what they’re saying?” – and no, I didn’t truly understand the crazy, dirty lyrics. I don’t think the young artists really knew either. They just sang because that’s what attracted people.

My father didn’t understand this. But I always did. I can appreciate any kind of music – as long as I feel it in my heart. I love when people introduce me to something I’ve never heard. Helps me to appreciate different lives, different aspects of people in general.

Enjoy life! Even in quarantine – think of the good things!

Kick back, and enjoy YOU!

It’s beautiful because I love rainy days, listening to the drip drops on the windows and the air conditioners. I only heard sirens once or twice today. I had a great conference call with my team, and everyone seemed to be in high spirits. I like to hear this. When people are generally in good spirits. We feed off of this as human beings.

Guns n Roses “Don’t cry” is playing on 106.7 lite fm… I’m sitting at my dining room table, and listening to the rain, as well as enjoying the scenery of my fish tanks. I haven’t done this in a long time – I think this is what I needed.

Just sit back, relax, and take in the good that is happening around me.

I think after this quarantine, and after things get back to semi-normalcy, this is what people will need in general, to get over the mindset.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy what you have right in front of you. If you don’t have something that helps you do this in front of you, move it. Put it in a closet, or kick it out the door. But make sure you can do things like this.

Where a mask! Unless you do not care for people around you.

I went out yesterday, as always, grocery shopping. I took a nice little drive, around NYC, and even went to NJ to see if there was a place that was less crowded to shop.

In and out of NYC, and NJ, I saw so many people with masks. And I also saw so many people without. I kept thinking, “what is the reason for people not wearing a mask?” There is no excuse! I sewed my own mask – I don’t know how to sew, but I did it. Cut up a couple of t-shirts that I had to make lining, and then the outer covering, and spent some time sewing. It was actually fun to learn a new trait.

So for those that are not wearing a mask – there is absolutely no excuse.

Please refer to the piece of article up there ^ top left corner. You are wearing a mask to protect others. Not yourself. So if you’re not wearing one, I will assume that you do not care about humanity.

So, one of the reasons it could be: Breathing heavy? Because of asthma? I have asthma. The cloth covering works very well, and you can make it breathable.

Another reason: You think that you are safe because everyone else is wearing a mask, so let them wear it instead of you? NOPE. It is so that you can protect others from your sneezing, coughing, general spit that comes out of your mouth when you talk.

CHALLENGE: I give you a challenge! Sit in front of your laptop, or put your tablet right in front of your mouth while you’re talking on the phone. Hold it there for about 10 minutes. Maybe even 5. Look at it after. Take a picture of it. Count the little spit balls that are all over the screen. YES! That’s how much spit comes out of your mouth. Remember it. Remember it next time you don’t want to wear a mask.

Another reason? I couldn’t think of one. You know what really gets me? I saw this two times yesterday. A mother with their child going to the store: get this – the mother has a beautifully sewn mask on – and the child has NOTHING on. What sense does this make?

I knew the world was insane. I’ve always known that. But even the most insane people – ARE WEARING MASKS.

Now… if the reason is, that you really don’t care about other human beings, then by all means, JUST SAY THE WORD to every human being you pass, “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU OR YOUR LIFE.” Throw in an “asshole” or a “fucker” at the end, to make it that much more lethal. 😆☺️👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 then I would say, “Bravo to you, you fucker”.

I don’t have anything for you right now

I’m writing right now because I have nothing else to do. I don’t even have anything to say. But I want to write.

I wish for people to read, and connect to what I’m writing right now.

I don’t even know how I feel. I hear sirens. I feel nothing.

I thought it was slowing down… but that was only for a moment.

It seemed just a moment; that I didn’t hear them.

I hope our world is ok. I hope everyone will be ok.

I’m wondering what it’s like in the hospitals. I’m wondering what it’s like in different parts of the world. Maybe you can share with me? Wherever you’re from – can you share? Something about this thing that’s going on.

Maybe that’s what I’m longing for. Maybe I feel like it’s not about the feelings anymore. I feel like “they’re” trying to hide the feelings. Someone to share their experience, to give me a glimpse of what it’s like for them?

I look things up, blogs, and it seems like they’re all political; is there someone who can just tell me what they feel, and what it’s like for them in a different part of the world, or in this part of the world?

Someone please share. Thank you for reading.

Knowing Right from Wrong

How do we stand up?

U.S. has over 1 million cases. More American deaths than the Vietnam war. What about world wide? Let me give you a picture of it.

Here’s world wide. As of this morning.

I read an article this morning, and it was a reporter interviewing a first responder, who’s son had a house party in Chicago, while she was hard at work trying to save people’s lives.

The police showed up at her house, and showed her a video of the house party that had gone viral. The party was thrown to go against the lock down orders. The police asked her, “did you know there was a party at your house?”

She responded, “no, I’m a first responder, I was at work. The house looked clean. Nothing was out of place. I’m following social distancing at home even, trying to keep this away from my family.” The police gave her a fine for disorderly conduct.

Her son was taken in, and here’s his response, “we’re millennials. We didn’t know any better. We didn’t know how serious this was.


So, how do we control the uncontrollable? We can’t. The only thing that we can do, is control our actions, keep ourselves informed as much as possible. And there’s always: KNOWING RIGHT FROM WRONG

The Morning Cry that broke my heart

I live in NYC, in an apartment building. My street is very small, with cars parked on each side, leaving a small space for thru traffic. My bedroom window faces the street, and I live on the 3rd floor.

Picture of the curb from my window

Every morning, the birds have become louder and louder, because there is silence in the city. Silence that is unfathomable for NYC. You don’t hear planes. You don’t hear trains. You don’t hear garbage trucks. All the noises that usually put me to sleep, so eloquently, are gone.

You hear sirens… which are not abnormal for NYC. But to the extent that we hear them now, is just crazy. In March, we heard them almost every moment of the day and night. I remember, one night in March, I was laying in bed, eyes wide open, at 4 a.m.

I couldn’t sleep. And it was because of the sirens. Something that never bothered me before. But it did now. My heart would beat faster and harder every time I heard one. It was an insane feeling. Now it’s almost like I don’t hear them. It has become the new normal, until this morning.

This morning, I woke up to something that broke my heart. Outside my window, across the street, a woman was crying out loud; sitting on a curb, and just crying. She had scrubs on; I could only assume what this was for; this is not a normal thing that happens here. You may hear people fighting, but not crying their eyes out, with a sentiment that could break anyone’s heart. It broke mine. Her crying, her tears, her pain – I felt all of this to my core.

You don’t ever want to wake up to a sound of pain like this. And once again, I was reminded, we are losing this battle every day. Every day people, human kind, are losing. And we continue to make stupid mistakes. We continue to want to re-open businesses. We continue to make hasty decisions, without thinking about the long term. We are now above 3 million deaths across the world.